The Experience

First choose The Shave Pak ™ or The Shave Room Club Box. After you sign up, you will start receiving your package every month automatically. The Shave Pak™ is a pack of brand new blades along with one grooming item.  This is designed for wet shavers with a safety razor already.  Where as The Shave Room Club Box is a box full of carefully selected grooming products which includes razor blades, shave soaps and other much needed supplies.  Your memberships will automatically renew until you cancel. Cancelling can be done in one click of a button when you login. (We hope you never do!)

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Choose an option

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Join Us!

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Receive a package!

 Join the club and be motivated your next shave! 

  • Make shaving enjoyable 

  • Be part of the growing culture

  • Massive retail savings

  • Easy sign up, easy skip a month, easy cancel

  • We don't stop looking for products

  • Don't Like it?  Send it back for a refund

  • Try it, you won't regret it!

Start your box today!

 All members, who choose The Shave Room Club box and pay for 3 months in advance, are going to receive an upgraded vintage style safety razor and a shaving brush for joining the club.  It is our way of saying, thank you and welcome to the club!